About Nichols Excavation

Starting as a small landscape company, Nichols Excavation has grown considerably since Steve and Charlene Nichols began in 1974. Today, we employ about 50 people and do full service site-work projects in a multistate region that includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, in addition to Delaware.

At Nichols Excavation, we pride ourselves on working with our customers to deliver the project exactly as they want it, and that attitude has resulted in many long-term, repeat customers who turn to us exclusively because of their past experiences with us.

All of our work is done in-house; this allows us to bring the quality and speed to a project that keeps our clients returning. Our regular customers appreciate that because it means they are only dealing with one contractor rather than many.

We have an outstanding work force, including several foremen with over 30 years experience, that allows us to take on fast-track and complex projects. Our field workers are matched by an expert and experienced management team that ensures all of our projects are done efficiently and accurately.